Why you feel tired with gardening? Maybe you need them...

Why you feel tired with gardening? Maybe you need them...


    Gardening is one of the perfect ways to exercise and relax, let people be one with nature and have fun to the fullest. Gardeners spend a lot of time gardening in their backyard, but that could be causing some body damage.

  1. The most common gardening injuries include:

1) Forearm and elbow overuse injury: Repetitive activities such as pruning may cause strain on the elbow and forearm due to overuse, such as ball elbow, wrist and thumb overuse, such as pruning twigs with scissors, etc. These can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis and so on.

2) Knees Injuries: Kneeling/squatting for a long time, such as weeding or growing vegetables, puts a lot of pressure on our knees, which may cause knees discomfort.

3) Low back pain: Bending and loading activities (such as starting a lawn mower or digging with a shovel) can hurt our lower back hip pain and prepatellar bursitis: Prolonged squatting can cause inflammation and pain in the hip joint , especially for gardeners who already have arthritis. Kneeling to weed or grow vegetables puts a lot of stress on our knees, which can lead to knees discomfort and inflammation of the surrounding tissue.


  1. How to mitigate and avoid these injuries, there are two garden tools recommended:

1) Use labor-saving pruning shears to complete the pruning work. Good pruning shears will let you to enjoy the pruning interest and no longer be helpless because of wrist pain.

    Here Aimerla recommends ergonomic pruning shears, and tens of thousands of people have experienced the joy of pruning through our pruning shears.


2) We also need to plant new plants besides the pruning branches, which means we need to squat or kneel for a long time! studies have shown that prolonged squatting or kneeling can cause multiple knee and joint injuries such as:When the knees are flexed, the pressure between the patella and femur increases and also the pressure between the femur and tibia increases. while squeezing the meniscus; it also causes the lower extremities to be blocked and the blood circulation to be poor. Lots of people squat or kneel for a long time, and the blood vessels and nerves in the lower limbs will also be compressed, resulting in leg numbness when standing up.

    For seniors with knee osteoarthritis, prolonged squatting can make the condition worse and make it harder to walk.

    Combining various considerations, Aimerla made this heavy duty garden kneeler and seat for all gardeners!

    Do you usually long stints of digging and bending over in the garden ? Do you have a difficult time getting up from a kneeling position? You’ve found your salvation at last. You’ve discovered the latest rage in the gardening industry!

    We know. It’s no secret that gardening is tough on the knees. This ergonomic design garden kneeler and seat can protects your knees from scrapes and rough ground while gardening, assists with standing up and provides a comfortable place to sit. This KNEELER was created with you in mind, and your needs.

    Every gardener needs this garden kneeler seat, no exaggeration! 

    With Aimerla Kneeler and Seat that gardening can make you more happier!

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