Why we are willing to spend much time on gardening?

Why we are willing to spend much time on gardening?

   Yes,why we are willing to spend much time on gardening?


    I used to ask people who deal with gardening like me their answers are different.

    My neighbor Alexander said he fell in love with gardening about 20 years ago. He spent a lot of time learning how to plant various cute flowers to chase his girlfriend. He didn't have much money to buy flowers for a month because he was a student at the time and thought planting by himself would be much better to hear his emotions about her.

    In the following spring, he harvested the first red rose, he finally confessed to her, and their love story began. Whenever flowers bloom, invite her over for dinner in the exclusive garden and take photos to commemorate it. He says, "Sometimes I put flowers in a vase on my girlfriend's bedside table. I know every day when she wakes up that she will see my deep love." They pruned potted trees together, planted seeds together, and watered and fertilized together for over 20 years. Their backyard became a big garden, and they also changed from a family of two to a family of five. Alexander - Gardening is like a family and an integral part of life.

    Annie, one of my friends, she says:"I feel indebted to my child as a single mom in the workplace. I unfortunately suffer from mild depression when faced with trivial things in life and the pressures of the workplace. I was disgusted at the mess of back yards and lawns, powerless with jobs to turn to the next day, and confused about my child's future education, I couldn't calm down. I once saw a gardener sharing a sentence that touched me: 'Less is more.' That simple line got me thinking about myself: "Are many simple things complicated by myself?" I try to adjust to my daily routine, to separate every part that gives me a headache. I first started to simplify the chores of my life starting with the backyard lawn!"

    "I try to fix up the lawn in my backyard every day, buy some tools, learn how to prune more suitable grass and trees, and keep everything in order. I tried to buy a variety of flowers and seeds, watered and fertilized them, and build a growing environment for them. I couldn't help but feel the power of life as I watched the flower seeds come out of the ground. Eventually I realized I was a lifesaver and should be full of vitality. The backyard garden has since become a great place for me to be alone. "I have more time to think, I can definitely understand my life, I can balance my life and my work. Gardening is like my best friend, listening to my heart."

    Maybe the backyard has a more mundane side, but it's still a lot of fun. We're used to weeding and watering every day and enjoying the happiness that plants bring us while also letting us have some relaxing time in our busy lives. Why do we want to spend our time gardening? This is the answer!

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