New to gardening? Not sure what can you prepare to gardening?

New to gardening? Not sure what can you prepare to gardening?

    New to gardening? Not sure what can you prepare to gardening? Aimerla recommend this follewed list, which is summed up by a group of top professionals with a combined 50 years experience as hands on garden.

1. Flower pot & Seedling Block

    When choosing a pot, the bottom of the flower pot must have a hole. It is recommended to use a plastic pot or a red pottery pot, which is breathable and water-permeable. It is the best choice for beginners.

    The seedling block is mainly used for sowing, which is convenient for management and transplanting.

2. Flower Pot Spacers

    Sometimes the water hole at the bottom of the flowerpot is too large, and the soil will leak out when it is put in. At this time, a leak-proof soil gasket is needed to solve the problem.

3. Watering can & Irrigation System

    At the beginning of planting flowers, you need a watering can. If there are too many flowers and plants, you need to prepare more (which can be separently used for fertilization, insecticide, watering); in addition, design the irrigation system in the garden, which would make you feel at ease when go outside.  How to design the irrigation system, we will write a blog to introduce it later.

4. Garden Tools

    A shovel for digging soil is used to load soil. It is best to prepare several gardening shovels, such as: trowel、hand rake、transplanter、weeder、cultivator.

5. Garden Gloves

    Some flowers have thorns, so thorn-proof gloves are needed for pruning. Usually, gloves are needed for potting, mixing soil, changing soil and pots, and fertilizing. It is easy to use, and can be washed after use and placed in a ventilated place.

6. Garden Pruning Shears

    Due to flowers and plants in the later period need to be pruned and grafted from time to time after they grow up, pruning shears are very important at this time. It is recommended to buy pruning shears according to the thickness of the branches of flowers, plants and trees, usually a pair of large shears and two pointed garden shears.

Aimerla Garden Pruning Shears - Recommended index: 4.8/5

    Aimerla Pruners are designed to deliver a clean cut in order to keep live plants maintained and healthy. This blades are made of Rust-resistant stainless steel. It is easier to make straight, clean cuts without hurting your hands, saving time and effort, compare with cheaper models !

7. Moss Poles

    Training Your Plant on a Moss Pole. In natural habitats, Climbing plants climb up trees in their search for more light, latching on to the moist bark as they climb with aerial roots. The Aimerla Moss Totem poles mimic the natural habitat of aroids and epiphytes, such as Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos, Syngonium, and Tetrasperma. They help support the growth habit and promote larger leaves through the contact with aerial roots.

Aimerla Moss Pole - Recommended index: 4.7/5

    Aimerla moss poles, made from 100% coconut fiber are used for manufacture this ideal plant support for indoor climbing plants and vines while maintaining moisture for aerial roots absorption. These natural wood stakes feature pencil sharpened points easily penetrate ground. Come with 45 Paper Twist Ties. Ideal for all kinds of plant support and securing plants to coir moss pole without damage it.

8. Garden Kneeler

    Do you usually long stints of digging and bending over in the garden ? Do you have a difficult time getting up from a kneeling position? You’ve found your salvation at last. You’ve discovered the latest rage in the gardening industry! This ergonomic design garden kneeler and seat can protects your knees from scrapes and rough ground while gardening, assists with standing up and provides a comfortable place to sit.

Aimerla Garden Kneeler - Recommended index: 4.8/5

9. Twist Ties

    Twist Ties are mainly used to help plants find the right growth direction, and they can also be designed according to the gardener's own preferences.

10. Storage Bag

    There are many garden tools, we need to store them in time to avoid losing them, so we need a storage bag to store and organize. On the one hand, it is to keep it clean and orderly, and on the other hand, it is convenient for daily use.


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