How much do you know about irrigation skills?

How much do you know about irrigation skills?


    Aimerla, as gardeners, we have summed up a few irrigation skills to share with you.


1.Understand the needs of your plants.

    Plants with many thin, soft leaves need a lot of water, while plants with thick, hard, or hairy leaves need less water.


2.Pay attention to the type of soil.

    Generally, clays store a lot of water, so water only occasionally. Sandy soil, on the other hand, can hardly hold water and must be watered frequently.


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3.It is best to water plants in the morning or before noon.

    When temperatures are cooler, water slowly seeps into the ground, allowing plants to fully absorb it during the midday hours when it is most needed.


4."Start" from the roots when watering.

     While watering plants from the top is quick and easy, most plants have a hard time absorbing it, especially flowering plants and vegetables that prefer to water from the roots. Plants with dense foliage, such as roses, are susceptible to fungal infections when the leaves dry slowly.


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5.Less water everytime, increase watering times.

     Even occasional watering, as long as there is enough water, penetrates the soil more easily, helps plants grow taller, and is more resilient to drought.


6.Avoid using very cold water.

     Cold water will damage most plants, so using water that has been exposed to the sun is a good option. For example, you can fill a bucket with tap water and place it in the sun.


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    There are tons of details about gardening that directly influence the plants growing, like a mom nurture a baby. What about your irrigation skills? Welcome to share with Aimerla!


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